Friday, June 26, 2009

Our 2/2 Superheroes Return

In keeping with the theme "Where We've Been"... Here is the video I put together of our homecoming at the end of last year. Sorry for the blurry quality :(

Soon, we will have some current events and hopefully some of your photos to post! I am thinking of collecting one 4th of July photo from each of you who want to participate. More on that this week!


  1. Liz thanks for bringing back such good memories.
    Bob & Karen

  2. What wonderful memories! You instantly put me in tears. But good tears. How wonderful to share this with everyone. You did a super job! Like always you ROCK!

  3. Thanks Liz for taking the time to put this video together and share with all of us - it's awesome and brings back such great memories!
    Charles & Robyn

  4. I can't keep myself from watching and reliving the moments of this video. I see myself on a clip marked at time 2:07. I am the one in the red on the left of the screen with my hands thrown up in the air. I can remember cheering loud and being so overwhelmed with joy. The tears never stop when I view this video. Again Thank you for creating this video.