Monday, November 9, 2009

Been Thinking...

Wanted to pass along a link to my brother's website, Been Thinking. My brother, Tommy, is a pastor and a wonderful, writer. The blog section of the website that I am linking to has some Biblically-based words for inspiration and reflection on a variety of topics, if you are interested. He is fun to read because he tells stories and he always gives something practical to help you put those thoughts to good use and to help you remember what you read. His words often seem especially apropos considering the situations, feelings and concerns we face.

If you read the one that comes up for today and want to read more, he just got the site up last month so there are about 20 more previous posts you can read right away as well. There are also some other sections on the site. I think he writes a new post each day except Sunday (not sure). Just go to the bottom of the page and click on older entries and you will find the one for the previous day.



  1. Hi Liz,

    Thanks so much for the information about your brother's blog. I look forward to browsing , especially now that we've finished Operation Christmas Child. Visit our site. We have several new postings over the last month but for some unknown reason no other blogs that we link to are getting updated.

    Would you happen to know how we can resolve the problem?

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. Hi Liz,

    I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was a bit strange for me, because it's my first without my dad. Life is full of changes and they are sometimes a challenge to adjust to.

    We had thought to have solved our non-posting updates problem but it was a false alarm. I was told that people with Mozilla Firefox have a challenging time updating other blog postings. Don't know if this applies to you but it's an avenue that you might like to investigate.

    P.S. Hope you like our blogspot's new look. We'll continue to tweek it so watch for the changes to come.