Monday, July 27, 2009

On The Other Side of Today

Sunlight streaks across a morning landscape swathed

in greens and blues and hints of brown.

A splash of orange and pink add a flourish

to the masterpiece that is the morning.

Red, white and blue faithfully stand guard

just beyond my window at the entrance of the day,

a subtle reminder of those I do not know or see

who faithfully offer the valuable moments of their lives

in exchange for mine.

I'm greeted by a gentle morning; a calm scene,

sparkling with wonder and promise. Palm fronds shimmer,

hibiscus leaves hold the shadows and patterns

of what lies in the path between them and the new day's glowing plan.

The grass is a canvas of light and dark;

long shadows dwindle as the moments tick by...

Dew sparkles like discarded gems on blades of green,

or as if they've been lost by a youthful morning

as it rushes by on its way to another grown up day.

The brilliance of the moment,

like gleaming treasures in hand, beg to be spent.

The day hasn't made up its mind what it wants to become,

and I watch as it hems and haws from one moment

to the next trying to decide its course.

The pigeons wonder too as they survey the morning

from their lofty vantage point set against a page of blue.

While this sweet-tempered morning fresh with new energy

offers me a palette of colors, plans and choices,

a full-fledged day is well-underway

on the opposite side of my world.

On that face of the globe,

soft sunrise moments have aged into edgy afternoons

shouting their harsh demands.

Adrenaline and strain take their toll;

plans and decisions already unfolded are spent,

wrinkled and caked with the outcome of the hour.

The rising sun creates a halo around the stars and stripes,

reminding me to pray for God's strength and courage

for those living a parallel moment, cultures away.

Kim's son, Doug, on base in Afghanistan

The clouds have wandered off now

and they seem to have left space enough

to write innumerable possibilities on the open sky;

it's a blank and colorful page.

If I could, I'd scribble a handwritten message there in broad strokes

for someone on the other side of this backdrop...

...for one who might be looking up at the same expanse,

wondering if anyone knows or cares

that they are serving faithfully under that sweeping stretch of blue.

I'd sign with my heart and remind them we are only out of sight,

but not too far from their prayers or the power

of God's love to reach beyond the gap.

Then I'd close my eyes and thank Him

that they made it through another day

beneath that common fold.

A goodnight wish seals the ending of my day,

a prayer that they will sleep soundly

under God's ever-watchful care.

Even so, the flag beyond my window moves and waves,

to honor those whose unwavering service lies beyond my sights...

... on the other side of today.


  1. Thanks Liz...that was beautiful!

  2. Thank you Liz, for sharing your gift of expressing your thoughts in written form. What a blessing we get each time you share in this way.
    Hugs, Kim

  3. Liz, You never cease to amaze me! Your way with words is so inspiring. Thank you my dear friend!

  4. Like always it is a pleasure to read your stories.


    Love the pic of Doug