Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hearts Over Afghanistan

It's simple really. They have done the hard part and are giving their lives to protect ours, we just want to send them a little love in return. After all, they have our backs, we should send them our hearts.

You know that rare feeling... you open the mailbox and to your surprise and joy, tucked between the bills and ads is an increasingly rare treat...REAL MAIL. Maybe it's a letter or a card from someone who loves you. You can't contain your smile.

Well, imagine being in a hostile world with little to go on but the thought of home and the love waiting there. Receiving a card or letter and a bit of candy would sure sweeten the moment when mail call comes. I can see the smiles already. Thoughtful words from home send a message that will reach well beyond the words on the page and is something those who serve will hold in their hands, read and reread with a smile on their face, and a quite possibly, a tear in their eye.

So we are sending Easter and Valentine's Day cards and letters as well as candy... messages of love and inspiration and a little something for those with a sweet tooth. Simple enough even a kid can do it, and WOW, they are the experts, no doubt! So please join us in writing notes, making cards and enlisting your school, church or other organization to help us send HEARTS OVER AFGHANISTAN to our 2/2 Marines and Sailors who have voluntarily offered their lives in service to our nation.

We would love candy donations as well (1,000 of each item), and already Gillis has secured 1,000 peanut butter eggs. Sweet! Please keep in mind, we need 1,000 of anything we send. If you have connections and can secure a full donation of 1,000 of a valentine or Easter candy item, please let us know. If you want to help purchase a portion, let our coordinator know and we'll see if we can match you up with someone else who wants to do the same.

Roxy will once again be collecting, packing and mailing this Love and Support to our 2/2 Marines and Sailors. Everything MUST be to her by February 10th.

Roxanne Robertson
4649 Haskell Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66104
(913) 593-1291

As always, mailing to 1,000 Marines and Sailors is costly. If you would like to donate for postage or candy, we would gladly accept. Checks may be made payable to Roxanne Robertson as well.

Let's show our dedicated Marines and Sailors how grateful we are to them for standing on the front lines of freedom for us.

Thank you for supporting the 2/2 Marines and Sailors!

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  1. Ok Liz, You out did yourself this time. You always seem to amaze me everytime. I don't know how you can continue to be so creative. I have run dry a long time ago.

    The picture is awesome and the words......well SWEET! I love the post about the project.