Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This Just In...

Wanna be a Valentine's day hero to 1,000 Marines and Sailors who will be spending their Easter and Valentine's day fighting insurgents, sidestepping IEDs and most likely chasing mice from their sleeping bags and out of what's left of the stash of goodies their moms sent?

Great! Then step right up. Here's how you can help: We are in need of $530.00 for some extraordinary candy hearts to send along with our HEARTS OVER AFGHANISTAN package full of candy, Easter and Valentine's Day cards and letters. I know what you're thinking... that's a lot of money for some little candy hearts. But don't be fooled... these are no ordinary candy hearts and these are no ordinary men they are going to. These candy hearts bear unique messages meant specifically for those who are dedicated to serving America.

So if you want to be the hero of the day and help get these cool messages of love out via those tempting and addicting little Necco candy hearts, please let Roxy know as soon as possible. Her address is in the post below along with all the other info related to our HEARTS OVER AFGHANISTAN project.

I mean really... what would Valentine's Day be without some little candy hearts? If you can't donate the entire amount to make this happen, no worries, feel free to let Roxy know how much you would like to contribute. Together I have no doubt we can raise this amount in a heartbeat.

Thanks again for all you are doing for our 2/2 Marines and Sailors!

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