Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bringing Them Home Again


  1. Hi ,

    Thanks so much 'Semper Gumby' for this posting. Quite a while back, I saw a featured piece on TV about this artist and the wonderful work that she does. What a gift to the families who have suffered such a loss. Her talent is matched with her compassion for those who have served and for all who have been left behind. Thanks for sharing it and so much more through your blog.

    Would you explain what the 2/2's means? While my dad served in WWII and my brother and nephews have served in the Air Force, I must confess that I don't understand any of the meaning of such abbreviations.

    Thanks too for visting and commenting on our Inlinewiththeword.blogspot.com. We really love your visit and posted comments feedback.

    I continue to pray for God's protection over our brave young men and women who toil in service to our country. May God bless them and everything that they do!

    Thanks you,

  2. Sally, thanks for coming by and keeping up with us. 2/2 means 2nd Battalion/2nd Marines. They are also known as the Warlords. I don't entirely understand the breakdown, but I believe that we are part of the 2nd Marine Regiment which is part of the 2nd Marine division.

    The 2nd Marine Regiment is an infantry regiment. Kim's son is part of the 2nd Battalion/3rd Marines, which is part of the the 3rd Marine Regiment, which is part of the 3rd Marine Division. The 3rd Marine regiment is also an infantry regiment. They are known as the Island Warriors. It gets more detailed, but we just know each other as 2/2 and 2/3. :D

    Hope to hear from you again. Thanks for praying for us and our guys!