Sunday, August 23, 2009

Printable Helmet Liner Knitting Invitation

The following two images are the front and back to a knitting invitation for the Helmet Liners we are knitting as part of our Love and Support From Santa's Elves package to be sent when our Marines deploy. The invitations are available to print front to back, cut and keep on hand to give out. I have set them up four to a page so that when cut, they are small enough to carry with you without folding. You may want to post some on community billboards, at libraries, coffee shops, schools, churches, or even ask at your local knitting or fabric store if they would allow you to leave some with them to display on their counter. Local businesses that you frequent are another avenue of possibilty. You will find knitters wherever you go.

If you would like to email an invitation to friends and family or to knitting sites or groups you find online, please do not use these images. There is a copy on the left sidebar that shows both the front and back in one image for emailing. Or you can point people to this site to get the full-size version of the instructions (also on the sidebar) and so they can get a feel for what we are doing and why.

The only way I have found to print these so the front and back match up (when I put them online) is as follows:

Printing Instructions;
Double click the image below to make it large, drag it to your desktop.
Please print in color and on card stock or a heavier paper. Unfortunately the outside margins of this image are going to print so that more than 1/4 inch of white shows around the edge. Please trim the outside edges to 1/4 inch like the inner edges of each so that the invitation ends up centered. The inner margins should be fine. Sorry about that. Couldn't get it to export correctly from the program I was using.

I am not sure if the dimensions will change on a PC. Every way I have tried doing this, the image has changed size and does not come out like the orignal. If this doesn't work on your computer, I will be happy to email the actual files to you. My email address is at the bottom of the left sidebar. Please include the words "knitting invitation" in the subject line of your email.

Thank you for getting the word out for our guys!

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