Friday, August 7, 2009

Wanted: A Home For This Statue

After seeing the movie, Taking Chance, Mark and Debra Blain were moved to give this statue, which they designed and created, to a town that would display it proudly. Swampscott, Massachusetts had the opportunity to have the statue for their own but voted against it. The couple are now looking for a new home for it.

According to Fox and Friends, Mark and Debra Blain are accepting heartfelt letters explaining why your town would be a fitting destination. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blain
11 McCracken Road
Millbury, MA 01527


  1. You know, I saw this on TV this morning and couldn't believe it. Imagine a town not accepting not only a beautiful statue, but one that is dedicated to our brave men and women fighting for this country. Remind me never to go to Swampscott!

  2. I saw the story this morning on Fox & Friends and had the same thoughts as Pat. I hope that Fox does a follow-up story when the statue finds it's home. God has a perfect place planned out already for that beautiful granite monument to the USA and to the brave men and women who protect it and us.